Géraldine Allard:  Artist's Autobiography

...[I have sent some photos] so you can see the artist in the morning on her bike or organizing her paintings...

All are in the low Mouffetard area--… my favorite village of Paris. Yes, you know Paris, but it's true, I live in a small village with… few cars, lots of children and old people, a church, a synagogue, small dogs, bigger dogs, cats on window frames, some color, changes of light, rain falls, little drops, hot weather, sometimes snow...… all of these are occasions to have a different look on the city.

My story of a little girl that loved drawing, pasting, painting: …

Born in 1972, I am a Parisian with southern France origins (Aveyron). Very young, initiated by my mother to visiting Parisian museums, and especially remember the hours spent in Beaubourg at the children's gallery.

After studying architecture at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, with a degree, I headed off to Vietnam in 1997 to work on the construction of a project in Haiphong, near Ha Long bay.

Back in Paris two years later, I worked for different architectural firms developing solid professional experience.

I never stopped artistic activity and all the while, my calling nagged at the boots. In the past two years, I decided to devote myself completely to passion : drawing, painting and illustration.

I've now realized exhibitions, illustrations for several books for children and also small graphic creations, all from those that adore the painted world. As you know, Le Bon Marché in Paris ordered a 5 month exhibition on the theme « Childhood in Paris » which we sold completely.

My work is based on sketches of children framed in urban contexts. It is like a childhood flashback playing with daily scenes and feelings, where children always play the leading roles in my new City. When I was young, I thought I would live forever-- now it is the children who live for me.

The canvases are covered with chosen newspaper extracts for their graphics, that participate in this past/present game. The illustration then composes over this abstraction, leaving some transparencies, showing/hiding the text for a reason.
The coloring work starts after with the use of marker and oil painting, that also play this transparent/covering effect that has a theme for the viewer to discover.

On a more personal side, I most prefer my family, friends, candy, colors and Vouvray (though she never refuses a glass of Champagne and of course 1990 Pegau! -JR). I love to gather with friends, to make conversation and dinner and parties; …this is life to me, this is what defines life!