March 5th, 2012

Sarah Goes To Beecher's.

Sarah, our local pick-up manager, has an impressive palate, a penchant for blogging and is also studying for her Master of Wine certificate.

Where in the world of food and wine will Sarah go to next? Join her as she chronicles her adventures in Seattle and beyond:

Like Little Miss Muffet you can sit at Beecher's and eat your curds or perhaps you would prefer the 'World's Best' Mac n Cheese.  The whey not so much.  Although it is nice to use instead of plain water when making dough for pizza.  Open vats, a stainless steel tank, just washed epoxy floors, I could be at a small winery.  Not this time, today I went to Beecher's for lunch. When I arrived truffle sized cheese curds were being shoveled into small bins for further pressing and aging.  In an adjacent vat milk was heating well on its way to separating into curds and whey.   Their production has increased so much that cheese is being processed at the Pike Place Market location 20 hours a day with the first milk delivery arriving around midnight.  The chances are pretty good you can watch the process in action.  

The grilled cheese while filled with more than sufficient amounts of melty flagship cheddar was a little bland. I think one of the more robust sandwich offerings would have been a better choice.  The tomato soup, offered in 8 and 16 ounces with herby croutons  and shredded curds was robust and most welcome on such a nippy day.