January 23rd, 2012

Sarah Goes To Bitterroot.

There are new restaurants opening up and down Ballard Ave.  The sweet, spicy aroma of smoking meats beckons you down Ballard Ave to Bitterroot.  Unlike so many Seattle establishments this one is open for lunch on Mondays.  The shot gun space is small, industrial, and bright.  The white chain link panels over the windows channel Roadhouse.  Hip country classics play not too softly in the background.  

The Americana menu is dedicated to BBQ and its sidekicks.  Mac and Cheese is given its own section.  You choose from a lengthy list what you would like with it.  For lunch there are pulled sandwiches (chicken or pork) and burgers. Each comes with coleslaw and pickled carrots on a half sheet tray. The sauces on the table are smoky hot and sweet with classic yellow mustard separating the two.  The meat is dry rubbed and smoked.  Sandwiches come to the table dry, meaning without sauce, leaving you to decide on which and how much.  No greasy sauce drowning your hastily pulled pork shoulder here.    Instead of the usually kaiser bun Bitterroot uses pretzel rolls.  There is also a long list of Southern sides.  I chose the cornbread.  You can never have enough carbs when eating BBQ and for whatever reason great cornbread recipes are few and far between.  

I chose a glass of wine to go with lunch.  It was a poor decision.  Here its probably best to stick with one of their bourbon creations, beer, or the sweet tea.  The Garnet Pinot (Monterey) was simple and pleasant with candied cherry, pomegranate, and leather on the nose and palate. On its own as a glass to sip while perusing a menu, no problem.   It did not pair with the spicy BBQ sauce at all.  I had to put it aside until after my meal as the sandwich rendered the wine hollow and alcoholic.  Next time I will know better.