March 22nd, 2011

Sarah Goes To CA and tries two Australian gems from Leeuwin Estate and Yeringberg.

It was a real treat to try both these wines.  Wish every day could end with a quick tasting of wines of this quality.  Both wineries, Leeuwin and Yeringberg, have the pedigree and history to consistently produce wines with charm, definition, and ageability.  At a decade old both wines, 2000 Leeuwin Artist Series Chardonnay and 2001 Yeringberg Pinot Noir, still possess a vibrant freshness thanks to their naturally high acidity.  The Artist Series Chardonnay was juicy, fresh (apple, pear, white flowers), and just starting  to show secondary flavors of hazelnut and toffee.  Yeringberg's Pinot Noir was a bit farther along in its development.  The subtle fruit flavors of cranberry, frais du bois, and rhubarb played a supporting role to the secondary aromas and flavors of dried rose petals, truffle, and forest floor.  The other astonishing note on the Pinot Noir was its color: pale, pale ruby, verging on garnet that was translucent enough to read through.