January 30th, 2012

Sarah Goes To The Crumpet Shop.

Poor planning resulted in my chosen lunch spot being closed today.  Already at the market with parking paid for the next two hours I began to weigh my options.  Le Pichet kept popping into my head.  It is a favorite and has yet to let me down, but today was supposed to be about trying something new.   Putting one foot in front of the other I began to stroll back past the fish stands, through DeLaurentis (couldn't resist), and out onto 1st Ave.  A left turn had me heading towards the ever popular aforementioned bistro.  After crossing Pike a sign swaying in the stinging January wind caught my eye and stopped my feet.  

The Crumpet Shop has been open for over 30 years offering up a delightful selection of crumpets, teas, and coffees.  I very much doubt much has changed here in that time.  That sounds like a negative and it's definitely not. Homestyle and cozy are just the way things are done here not a catch phrase.  My experience there reinforced this.   The meal I had was complete and comforting: chunky tomato red lentil soup, coffee, and butter lacquered toasted crumpet.  The staff, friendly, sincere, and polite, seemed truly happy to be working there.  The space is a quiet oasis right off First Ave. 

The food is not going to grab the eye of foodies determined to be on the cutting edge. But it should because good food done constitantly well deserves praise.