February 15th, 2012

Sarah Goes To dinner.

Some interesting wines with dinner the past few nights, one each from Napa, Alsace, and Piedmont.

2001 Malvira Mombeltambo: leather, cherry pits, cedar, and smoke on the nose.  The palate is lean and beguiling with chalky tannins that mellowed over 24 hours. 

2008 Barmes Baucher Rosenberg Riesling: dry, medium acid style, floral nose (orange blossom, tangerine), more citrus notes on the nose with a Meyer lemon finish.  A fragrant and refreshing wine.

2009 Beringer Private Reserve Chardonnay:  Unmistakably Napa, but without the roasted pineapple marshmallow notes.  Instead flavors of quince, creme fraiche, green tea, and spices with a round not buttery palate.