January 17th, 2012

Sarah Goes To Dots.

The weather forecast is calling for snow early in the week.  This is a call to action or non action rather in the kitchen. When it is freezing outside and the city is in a tizzy over the mere possibility of a flurry it is time to stay inside, embrace braising, open a bottle of wine, and curl up on the couch with that new wine book.  A visit to the new butcher in Fremont is in order to decide the menu.  

Dots opened last summer in a retail strip that is fast becoming a culinary destination.  Uneeda burger is just up the street and a bookstore devoted to cookery has opened a few doors down.  I went in search of a nice secondary cut of meat and left with a hefty slice of Roquefort pate.  The campagne style terrine was wrapped in bacon and studded with the Loire blue.  Sliced thin on pain au levain with a selection of cheese and a counter culture Cabernet Franc quite the Francophile meal.