August 31st, 2011

Sarah Goes To Eltana.

Capitol Hill is a different beast on Saturday mornings. There is an unnatural stillness in and around the 12th and Pike area; as if all the energy and noise from the now shuttered bars and clubs had been vacuumed away in the wee hours around sunrise. This eliminated the usual ritual of parking space hunting leaving us with more time to enjoy our bagels at Eltana.

Einstein Bros. this is not. There are no puffed up doughy rounds for sale here. The bagels are petit in comparison. All made at the café, boiled and then baked in the wood fired oven. They have an earthy quality that is warm. Bite after satisfying chewy bite your mouth is swaddled in ancient flavors of honey, smoke, and yeast. In an age of supersized everything should we wish for a slightly larger version just to get a few more bites or just return sooner rather than later for another real bagel experience?