May 5th, 2010

Sarah Goes To the First Annual Croissant Championship.

At the warehouse today’s First Annual Croissant Championship did not have quite the same level of excitementthat was anticipated after last Friday's thrilling opening round of competition. Four croissants from the respective bakeries, Bakery Nouveau and Cafe Besalu, were plated next to each other. Who would take home the glory?

In the bakery case at Café Besalu the croissants stood like soldiers in a row, each identical to the last. They are flaky and buttery in all the right ways. Today's croissants from Bakery Nouveau were better than last weeks. The textural imperfection of unbaked flour was not there. The ends were crispy, the center chewy. Their bake was more mahogany. One taster noted, “The Nouveau croissant has more flavor.” They do have a noticeable tang. The task of choosing a winner proved arduous. Club Juddo mulled over his decision stating, “The only difference between the two is the bake. Both are equally delicious.” This sentiment was shared by other participants, but a champion must be named. In the end it was the bake, those possibly two extra minutes of bake time that nudged Bakery Nouveau onto the winner’s podium.