January 15th, 2012

Sarah Goes To Foraged and Found.

I have a jar of the teeny tiniest artichokes and a truffle from Foraged and Found.  It is a blessing to live in a city where good, quality truffles can be had for $10/ounce.  Yes, they are petit nuggets of fungi heaven, but how much truffle does a home cook need to achieve greatness in the kitchen? My plan is to combine two things I love in a risotto dish and open a bottle of something grand from Piedmont to turn the evening meal into more of an event.

The artichokes are the size of a gum ball.  God bless whoever has to peel them.  May their knife be ever sharp and their fingers nimble.  I have enough trouble with artichokes the size of a large Chihuahua.  I am always seduced by them at the market in the summer.  Even though I know they are arduous to prepare temporary amnesia sets in and before I know it half a dozen have made their way into my bag.  

It may be January.  That is no reason for cooking malaise when ingredients like this are close at hand.