September 7th, 2011

Sarah Goes To Honore.

A late summer morning with hazy sunlight that gives the early part of the day a lazy feel.  To keep that feeling going I head to Honore to meet a friend.  The bakery may have the friendliest staff in Seattle.  The ladies behind the counter are always gracious, polite, and unfazed by the line spilling out the door.  They efficiently process your order while making you feel like you are the only one waiting in line.  So nice. 

A strong latte and a croissant are my usual order, why rock the boat.  But I do and my second choice comes up a little short.   Just as I am ordering the new case is filled with tarts, eclairs, and other sweet goodies.  The shiny patina of the eclair catches my eye and I make a quick decision.  Then with latte, croissant, and eclair in hand we meander back to the pebbled patio behind the kitchen.  The croissant is wonderful, like it always is.  It was not the eclair itself, but the filling that left me down. Instead of the smooth coffee pastry cream I was expecting a cakey, dry, cocoa filling surprised after the first bite.  Is it not a rule that the fondant garnish indicates  the flavor within? 

So I had one short encounter with a mediocre eclair.  Will I be going back?  Of course!  You would be hard pressed to keep me away.