August 25th, 2011

Sarah Goes To I Love NY Deli.

The sandwiches were only ok.  After hearing much about them I think the dreaded 'fine' could adequately used as a descriptor.  Our field trip to Pike Place Market left us with ambivalent feelings toward our lunch choice.  

This was not the case with line up of sparkling wines sampled last week.  There was in the end a predictable crowd favorite.  The Cava that started us off set the tone in quality.  The Yarrabank has tasted better.  Maybe it is going through a phase at the moment, but I found the palate a little short and the usual bright fruit character slightly lacking.  Tough words for a wine of such great value and pedigree.  The Champagnes stole the show.  The NV Nathalie Falmet showing toasting brioche and sour poolish flavors with a smooth mousse.  The vintage Serveaux (2002), while not the most expensive bubbly on the market wowed with charm and elegance.  A great line up to wash away the memory of a mediocre lunch.