November 18th, 2010

Sarah Goes To the Loire Valley via a line up of wines from Thierry Puzelat.

The wines of Thierry Puzelat are an experience much like bungee jumping. Some people will visit Queenstown, NZ try it once and leave it at that. Others will discover the thrill of dangling over a deep ravine from an enormous rubber band and take every opportunity to relive that moment of supreme exhilaration. So, these wines will not be for everyone. They are unapologetically terrior driven. But, definitely worth the experience; if only to see what else is out there. And who knows, you may enjoy the ride.

2009 L’Ormeau des Deux Croix: made from Old Vine Chenin.

The nose is primary with a blast of wet stones, yellow apple, pear quince, and orange blossom. The palate has a slightly round texture which helps relax the prickly acidity. It has pure clean flavors of pear, quince, wet stones, oyster shells, and bruised yellow apple.  

2008 Sayonara ‘pas pour tout l’monde’: Chenin Blanc

Mineral laden, fresh, and lively, both the nose and palate have fresh hazelnut flavors supported by the floral essence of quince. It has a white pepper finish.

2007 La Tesniere Touraine: Chenin Blanc

Do not disturb. This wine is minimally filtered, if at all. There are curious, but harmless particles that swirl around the bottle when agitated. It is another mineral laden example of Chenin Blanc with delicate fruit flavors of pear, quince, and apple skins. The palate is consistent with further flavors of green apple and flowers. The finish gives this wine a slightly sour, lambic quality.  

2007 Vouvray This was the most compact and straight forward of the wines I tasted with classic flavors of honey, asian pear, star anise, melon, wax, and almond. The mineral dominated palate is supported by flavors of melon, star anise, pear, and crème fraiche.  

2009 Touraine Pinot Noir While transparent in color it is packed with mineral flavors. The nose is dominated by lean notes of Turkish delight, cranberry, raspberry, and wet dirt. Your palate is assaulted by tannins when the bottle is first opened. They start to untangle with air and the light fruit flavors of pomegranate, strawberry, and red currant become more apparent.

2009 Cheverny

This smoky Gamay with tinges of cherry and dried herbs wafting from the glass is more rose than red wine in the glass. The palate is again mineral laden with medium tannins, a slight floral quality, and flavors of red currant, strawberry, red brambly fruits.