November 1st, 2011

Sarah Goes To a moveable feast.

Efforts are being made to revitalize the Seattle Center. The park will be celebrating its 50th anniversary next year. Perhaps other denizens utilize the area more, but I rarely find myself there except during Bumbershoot or to see a band at Key Arena. This past Saturday Seattle’s food trucks moved in. Maximus Minimus’ big steel pig was missing. There were plenty of other carts to fill the void. Pulled pork sandwiches must be very popular in Seattle. It seemed like everyone was offering a version from barbeque to carnitas.

After doing a circuit checking out the menus we started with pots stickers from Kaosamai. They were fried, not pan seared. The moist ginger chicken filling made up for the lack of technique. With our belly's rumbling brought down an octave we made some ‘main course’ decisions making our way back over to Where Ya At Matt’s. Here we had some thing unique to choose from. Specializing in Creole cuisine we ordered beignets first.  Hey, you have to start somewhere. We rounded out the meal with the Jambalaya and gumbo. We could not put off eating the beignets until later. The smell of just fried yeasty dough and sugar being too much for our will power. The pillowy puffs of dough were liberally dusted with powdered sugar and had lovely contrasting textures of crunchy and chewy. The Jambalaya and gumbo were just the change we were after. The meat in both dishes meltingly tender. The robust Jambalaya woke up our taste buds with a nice spicy kick. While the mahogany gumbo softly whispered of smoke.

I expected to see Molly Moon’s truck dominating the dessert scene. It’s absence gave Parfait the spotlight. Their butter toffee crunch is amazing. The vanilla ice cream base is creamy with just the right amount of sweetness. Big chunks of toffee are folded in. None of this namby pamby ground up praline. The Earl Grey tea is fragrant like an Alsace Pinot Blanc with flavors of orange rind, honey, coriander, and black tea. Unfortunately, it was just a little icy.  

Having all of the trucks in one spot took the mousehunt out of the equation allowing us to unplug and enjoy an afternoon in the park.