June 13th, 2011

Sarah Goes To Nook.

Already heralded as a biscuit mecca, we planned to arrive soon after opening because they have warnings posted online that they regularly run out of biscuits. I imagine it gets pretty busy on Saturdays with the farmers market nearby.

This place is not flashy or fancy or cutting edge. No plates, no cutlery, no mugs for tea and coffee. It’s located on a more salty corner of the Ave in Seattle, across the street from the Jack in the Box. They don’t offer espresso, only Café Vita drip. In a city obsessed with the perfect pull, this is laudable effort. If that’s not your thing they offer a selection of teas from Blackflower and Co. I would recommend the chai. It has a nice warm black pepper spice to it; a gentle pick me up on a cool cloudy morning. The space Nook occupies is unpretentious, friendly, and completely lacking in hipster malaise. When I asked for some milk for my chai I was handed the carton. It was later retrieved from our table with apologies; not for giving us the carton, but for needing to take the milk away. The bare bones set up would be regarded as shabby if the biscuits weren't so darn good. Instead, the interior is more a reflection of the business. It’s a shoestring startup run by two people who decided to make their business dreams a reality.

Now for the important stuff. The menu is printed on a plain 8x11 piece of white paper. Biscuits of varying complexity are featured on the weekly and brunch menus. More biscuits are offered on the weekends. Variations of grilled cheese are only available during the week. There are sandwiches and soups as well, but the biscuits are why you would come here. And, the biscuits are why you will come back. They are so good. Golden, crunchy, fluffy, and tender good. What you see is what you get. Less than ten minutes after ordering, your warm biscuit sandwich arrives at your table in a paper tray with paper napkins. I had the breakfast sandwich, thick slices of bacon, egg, and tomato jam wedged in an herb cheddar biscuit. Any item on the menu is available for take away. I ordered the biscuits and gravy for the unhappy soul I left at home. After reheating his late breakfast in the oven, I stole a bite when he wasn't looking. It is incredibly tasty with cheddar cheese, crumbled sausage, and creamy peppered gravy. After enjoying that selection, I would surmise that you are left with two choices: give in to the gravitational pull of your couch and catch a mid morning nap, or fight physics, stay vertical, and use the extra calories to power through yard work, run the dogs, whatever. Just don't stop moving.