December 21st, 2010

Sarah Goes To the Olympics.

The warehouse Olympics that is.  Held in late December since 2007 (except last year), the Garagiste Games test the participant's skills across a variety of fields relating to work at the warehouse.  There were six events this year and five competitors.  What was at stake?  Besides pride, cold hard cash for the winner and runner up.  Third place would skip home with a bottle of Champagne for the Holidays.  

1. Clean Up.  Break down boxes and put them in the recycle bin outside.  None of the boxes could fall out of the bin.  The bin was bursting before the Go bell rang.  In the frantic two minutes that followed with tape and cardboard flying, guys heckling each other, and sneakers squealing on the cement floor only one paper cut was reported, not bad.  

2.  Using the stacker place a pallet stacked high with empty boxes on top of another full pallet.  The stacker is a cumbersome machine that saves us a lot of space.  But, there is no way to make it hurry.  It's painfully slow and has a small turning radius.  Finesse would be required to put up a respectable time.  

3.  Obstacle course.  This event had many components.  Stacks of boxes were moved from one end of the warehouse to the other, free throws were taken, and trivia questions were answered all against the clock. Different strategies were employed to reach the finish line first.  Those with superior free throw skills had a swift finish. 

4.  Trivia was next.  Everyone got a break from careening around the warehouse to answer general knowledge questions about co workers, the warehouse, and wine.  

5.  Treasure Hunt.  Find what you think is the most expensive bottle in the warehouse.  Most of the pack slips don't have prices on them.  The competitors had two minutes to find what they thought was the most expensive bottle and then had to stand next to it to await judgement (safety first).   Two savvy guys headed straight for the older orders of Bourdy and walked away with the points. 

6.  Packing.  The final event.  It was still anyone's game at this point.  Pack the shipping case first.  Speed and accuracy were required to take home the top prize.  

Hana is this years champion.  Everyone has a whole year to bone up on Garagiste trivia and fine tune their handling of the awkward stacker.