August 16th, 2011

Sarah Goes To a popular tasting of Loire whites.

In a land of majestic natural and architectural beauty lies a region whose whites are rich in flavor, style, and flair.

NV Gratien & Meyer Brut “Cuvee Flamme” Delightful sparkler. It had a smooth mousse and flavors of white pepper, hay, and crushed yellow apple. There is some really bad cremant produced every year in the Loire. This cuvee is approached with the same care and attention as a special vineyard wine. The quality shines through as a result.  

2009 Domaine des Cognettes Muscadet Sevre et Maine sur lie “Selection des Cognettes”: Oily and heavy on the pallet with a slight saltiness. After trying its cousin wine the ‘Tradition’ expectations were high and not quite met. Although, well chilled with a plate of oysters in front of you this wine would be a welcome pairing; its quite nose and palate allowing the flavor of the oysters to shine.

The next two wines a dry Chenin Blanc(2008 Domaine des Augustins Vouvray “Silex”) and a Sauvignon Blanc (2008 Gerard Boulay Sancerre “Chavignol”) were a study in acidity; not the unbalanced battery acid kind that creates ulcers, more the welcome mouth watering Bubalicious kind that leads me to ask, “Where is my sole aux buerre noisette?”.  

2005 Bourdy Savagnin: Just to make sure no one got too comfortable a unique wine from the Jura was added to the line-up. The Bourdy Savagnin 2005 had a pungent nose of white mushrooms, truffle, and chalk that lingered and did not endear it to many of the tasters. The palate saved it though with flavors of marzipan, Christmas spices, dried figs, and brioche. Fondue, choucroute, croque madame, or a plate of mountain cheese and salami would match well with this sherry-like wine.  

1996 Domaine Cady “Cuvee Volupte” Coteaux du Layon St. Aubin SGN: For not jumping ship after the Savagnin the eventual favorite waited patiently at the end.  Heady with lingering flavors roasted apricot, almonds, vanilla, tart tatin, and chalk on the nose and palate.