May 24th, 2011

Sarah Goes To Portage Bay Cafe.

After a failed attempt to visit Nook to try their biscuits early on Saturday morning (unbeknownst to us they were opening later than usual last weekend for the street fair), we changed course and headed to Portage Bay Café hopeful that we were up early enough to beat the breakfast horde. The menu features the big, American breakfast in all its glorious permutations. Unless you arrive with the appetite of a Grizzly Bear emerging from hibernation your breakfast will defeat you.

I went for the lemon curd French toast. Pancakes and the like come with a trip to the Topping Bar, I prefer Berry Bar. This brings with it a chance to further smother your breakfast in more fresh berries, whipped cream, maple syrup and the like. Our server expressed concern at my lack of extras and questioned whether I had taken advantage of my 'berry bar' opportunity. As my plate was brimming with a stack of French toast, lemon-vanilla ricotta, and heaps of blueberries it seemed overindulgent to add anything more than a nice douse of syrup. I say douse as the toast could have used a longer soak in its custard bath. My dining companion chose the salmon omelet which came complete with toast and roasted potatoes.

Breakfast out is more often than not expensive for what it is and always something you could just as easily make at home. But I get it, sometimes you need to get out of the house and out of dish duty; leaving you with nothing more to do except enjoy your leftovers (if you don’t forget that box at your table).