July 18th, 2011

Sarah Goes To Portland's Pine State Biscuits.

Yeah, there's a wait at the door. That's a good sign, no?  Standing in line you can watch the biscuits being made. It might be more prudent to study the extensive blackboard menu and have decisions made before reaching the till. We went for biscuits and could not be distracted by the other menu offerings.  For us one sausage biscuit with egg and Tillamook and biscuits and gravy. 

Tankards of drinks (lemonade and an Arnold Palmer) in hand we scoped out a seat.  The first come first served policy lends a ski lodge air to the dining room. Customers hover nearby as sated guests bus their tables and make their way out. If it’s easier there is plentiful seating at the bar that comes with one drawback. The line cooks belt out customer’s names as orders are completed. If you can ignore this ruckus then settle into one of the surprisingly comfortable tractor seats and watch the show.

First up the sausage biscuit.  It looks a bit lonely on the plate.  The towering edifice of breakfast sandwich glory did not have long to feel like an island as tummies grumbled and our brains screamed, 'Get in my belly!'.  And so we dutifully complied.  The biscuits and gravy were ready soon after the sandwich had been devoured.  It is actually a biscuit bathed in sausage speckled creamy gravy. There's a nice chili kick to the gravy on finish giving the dish balance  and leading me to believe their Bloody Mary's would also run spicy. I could be dead wrong.  The ratio of biscuit to gravy is also pretty good, not too much or too little of either.  Still working on our beverages we lingered after eating taking in the hustle bustle of this popular spot. 

When (not if) I go back I will make the leap and try one of the chicken fried steak sandwiches and a Bloody Mary. What a way to start the weekend.