December 30th, 2010

Sarah Goes To Remedy Tea.

With relatives in town for the holiday weekend we headed out of the house and up to Capitol Hill to try something new. Our destination? Remedy Tea. The tea house was packed with locals escaping the house on the day after Christmas. The space would feel a bit clinical with white subway tiles, the numbered test tubes, and canisters lining two walls save for its constrained space and the warm spicy aroma permeating the room. After being seated we learned the test tubes are filled with samples of the teas available and allow customers a chance to test out flavors before purchase. Simply pop the cork off the top and take a whiff.

The tea menu is extensive with any and all black, green, white, and herbal teas represented. Metal stands with tea lights wait on your table to warm your chosen brew. Feeling a bit under the weather myself after waking up on Christmas Day with a cold I chose the TNT Detox. While touted to undue the effects of excess reveling, I figured the turmeric and ginger heavy option was just what the doctor ordered. The tea arrived looking like liquid sunshine, a most welcome sight on such a blustery day.

We lingered over bowls of Thai tomato soup and cucumber sandwiches. The teas must have stimulated our appetites because lunch was not on the agenda after the holiday feasts we had enjoyed the past few days. The soup was sour and rich without being too heavy. With the cut ends dipped in chopped chives the cucumber sandwiches were jazzed up a bit.  The chilled sandwich was refreshing in its light, sweet, and uncomplicated flavors.