February 12th, 2012

Sarah Goes To Serious Biscuit.

The biscuits are seriously good. No pun intended. Part of the Tom Douglas empire Serious Biscuit shares its lofted space with Soul Wine and Serious Pie.  We came in at 10 on Sunday and there was no line.  Biscuit sandwiches and skillets are what you come for.  A breakfast like this really sets the tone for the rest of your Sunday.  That 10 mile hike you were dreaming about last night is probably not going to happen.  Set your speedometer to stroll and prepare to meander through your day. 

The skillets, finished in the wood fired oven, come topped with an egg and a biscuit.  The sandwiches are hearty portions.  This did not stop my dining companion from considering 'The Zach'; a super sized biscuit sandwich with fried chicken, gravy, egg, and bacon.  His final choice of the regular fried chicken sandwich seemed demure.   My skillet of fennel sausage came bathed in a tomato based sauce with the ever popular Mama Lils.  The sweet spicy peppers gave the dish a nice kick and balanced everything out.  Instead of filling up before our biscuits even arrived with the usual latte we went with regular old drip coffee to zap us out of our Sunday morning stupor.