January 9th, 2012

Sarah Goes To the shelves for more culinary inspiration.

It's nice to have little things like this stashed in your pantry or fridge.  They make meal time mountains surmountable.  I like to use them when I find myself in the culinary doldrums.  With a jar of the stuffed peppers weighing down my bag I headed home.  

I had snacked myself through most of the jar before a plan came to fruition: a kind of nicoise chop salad hybrid.  It brought a lot of color and snappy flavor to my lunch.  Other options I considered:


Orecchiette with bitter greens tossed with hached peppers


Tapas plate: patatas bravas, tuna peppers, jamon Serrano, Manchego


Bruschetta with capers, grilled eggplant, sliced peppers, Sherry vinegar