August 4th, 2011

Sarah Goes To the sunny lands of Chardonnay.

Everyone and their auntie love Chardonnay. Whether or not they openly admit it is another matter entirely. We tried wines that showed their regions spin on the world’s favorite grape. Our bottle of Blanc de Blanc from South Africa was corked. Sometimes I forget about Chardonnay's sparkling wine applications. It was unfortunate the chosen example was tainted. The other four bottles did an excellent job of showcasing the flavor and texture capacity of the grape. Alexander Valley was rich with popcorn, tropical flavors, and diacetyl. Mornington Peninsula hovered in between with a delicate floral nose that gave way to a heavier oily palate. The Chablis would have stood alone except for its rounded mouth feel. The wine’s famous acidity tempered by time spent in older oak barrels or at least on its lees for a period of time. The beauty of the line up came last in a bottle of Meursault. Delicately nutty and floral on the nose, its palate subtle, full bodied, and balanced. Love it or hate it Chardonnay has a flavor for everyone.