February 17th, 2012

Sarah Goes To a tasting.

Late Friday afternoon we got set up to do a little tasting.  Vinegar, olive oils, and wines were opened, ideas and opinions exchanged.  A nice little way to kick off the weekend. 

Spanish Vinegar: a line up from two producers of styles of Sherry vinegar; two kinds each of Olorosso, Tinto, Crianza, and PX.  Each had characteristic punchy acidity and assertive flavors

Italian Olive Oil: sunny and round with a acidity in the background.

Cremant de Jura: a delicate style of sparkling wine with creamy autolytic flavors with lemon and a wash of brine at the end.

Cava: a reserve from Penedes made from Pinot Noir aromatic and jumpy with flavors of yeast, smoke, green apple, and grapefruit.