February 20th, 2012

Sarah Goes To Uneeda Burger.

For the longest time the building was a mechanic's shop.  Then, a garden store gave it a shot.  Now, just up the hill from the Fremont Abbey is Uneeda Burger.  It's got all the hot words going for it: artisanal, local, sustainable, casual.  Don't cringe, this place is not pretentious.  There are bottles of regular ketchup and yellow mustard in Dry Soda boxes on the table keeping things in check.  I've gone twice which is surprising as I'm not much of a burger person.  It could be the root beer on tap or maybe the hand cut fries.  Either way this is a great joint.  In summer the patio catches the afternoon light bathing you in heavenly warmth.  In winter the space is slightly claustrophobic with the sliding patio doors closed.  Others will see it as cozy. 

Not sure about the beers on tap, ask for a sample.  Wine is your preference?  There are splits of Ridge and Adelsheim, among other bottles, behind the counter. Suddenly a stop at the burger shack becomes more of an affair. Burgers not your thing?  Sub in a veggie burger or go for something else entirely: grilled cheese, chili, chop salad.  There's 'poutine' if you're feeling particularly ravenous. The South Carolina pulled pork sandwich, not a permanent fixture, was especially delicious.  It came just the way I like it not drenched in greasy too sweet sauce.  Really, thank you for making the sauce part of the experience and not dominating it.   The burgers are big and beefy.  If you paid close to $10 for a burger and it was gone in two bites you wouldn't be happy.  You get the best of both worlds here relaxed space and menu that welcomes  the whole family with creative high falootin' burgers that satisfy the grown ups. 

As an aside: was there a secret city wide new year's resolution to provide friendly service?  I like it.