December 8th, 2010

Sarah Goes To Vino Volo.

The dreaded delayed sign flashed ominously next to my flight number last Friday evening. Rather than sit at the gate and watch the minutes slowly tick by I decided to head back to the main concourse. It was on my way there I remembered SeaTac has a Vino Volo. This expanding chain of wine bars offers a selection of wine flights, bottles, and tastes by the glass and a menu with pairing suggestions. Washington and California wines dominate the list. Olives, green salad, sandwiches, Chorizo chili, braised pork tacos, and mac and cheese are some of the menu offerings. I settled on a green salad with goat cheese and the mac and cheese.

The salad was slightly underdressed, but nicely seasoned; the fresh goat cheese adding a lovely tang. I took a chance with the mac and cheese.  My fears were soon laid to rest.  It arrived bubbling, capped with crunchy golden bread crumbs, and only a whiff of truffle oil. Super. And so it was that a small wine bar in a busy airport was able to serve up a simple comforting meal with fresh ingredients while my airline scrambled to find pilot to take us to Oakland that evening.