September 5th, 2010

Sarah Goes To work with a Chickpea Salad

Three ingredients from Ritrovo Selections landed on my desk on a quiet Wednesday afternoon with a kind request to make something for lunch on Friday. As you may recall, when the weather is fine the warehouse takes a break on Fridays and fires up our trusty Weber. The focus of these meals has been has been of a carnivorous nature. Slowly, salad is gaining a foothold.

On Thursday evening I headed home with my stash and hatched a plan. The chickpeas were soaked overnight and cooked for two hours in the morning filling the kitchen with a lovely nutty aroma. The peas were then sautéed lightly with Sungold tomatoes and marjoram. The salad was dressed with the provided oil and vinegar, torn zucchini blossoms were folded in and green onion finished it off.

Aceto de Melgrano : 70% Pomegranate Juice, 20% Red Wine Vinegar, Montepulciano di Abruzzo grape must finishes off the blend. This fruity vinegar has a serious kick on the finish. It is slightly tart and lightly tannic. The finish is similar to snacking on fresh pomegranate seeds.

Azienda Agrobiologica Marino Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a Sicilian olive oil, is only slightly green and peppery. This chartreuse oil is a rich and robust style with a fruity undertone.

Organic Tuscan Chickpeas from Radici