Welcome  to  Garagiste!

Your vinous adventure is about to begin.

What’s this Garagiste thing all about?

When you sign up, you’ll start receiving Jon’s daily offers via email. Jon, the founder and creative force of Garagiste, scours the world in search of the next big thing before it’s on anyone’s radar.

How do I place a request?

That one is easy: Jon’s offer comes to you from nicki@garagistewine.com. Click on the blue wine or food title in the email offer and it will take you to our request page. You'll be asked to sign in using your account email address & password if you are not logged in already. Following that, you'll be able to breeze through. That’s it!

How do I enter billing & shipping info and keep track of my order status?

Log in to your account right from our homepage at garagiste.com. Your username is your email address and your password is the one you just created. If you take a moment to set up your account it will ensure that you are able to receive your first allocation (allocation is when a request turns into an actual confirmed & billed order, usually within a few days of entering your request, but sometimes it takes longer).

Please enter a payment method in the Payment Methods tab of your shiny new account and a primary shipping address in the Shipping Addresses tab (please fill out both even if you are local to the Pacific Northwest and planning to pick up at the warehouse).

By the way, our platform is secure – your information will never be shared. Not ever.

Provenance & Shipping

Provenance is one of our cornerstones which means we only ship wine automatically when transit & destination temperatures are moderate (40-70F). You will not receive your order ASAP after placing it—that is intentional. Write to us for more information about shipping to your specific region. Some transit routes are climate-controlled depending on location. When we do ship automatically, it is only in full case (12 750 ml bottles) increments for wine, derived from your available inventory. Shipping is billed at the time a shipment is created and the cost varies by region. You can also write us to request a shipment any time you have items with the status ‘arrived’ in your virtual cellar. ‘Arrived’ means they’ve arrived to us and are available for shipping or local pickup.

Are you local?

Do you live in the Pacific Northwest? If so, we offer the option of (free!) local pick-up when your orders have ‘Arrived.’ Just log in to your account and click the “Edit Profile” button, then select the ‘Pick-Up’ option in the dropdown box to set your delivery method to pick-up instead of delivery. Schedule a pick-up appointment at our state-of-the-art facility in Renton, WA through the link that will appear in your account.

There’s lots more to learn about us and we hope to learn all about you! But for now we’ll just say, Welcome to the community and enjoy the ride (and wine)!